My dad has always been very musical so we always had a lot of records in the house that I listened to, so from a young age I loved music and how it made you feel.

After school I went to art college and fell in love with design and my link between art, design and music was complete!

After 10 years of working in sales and marketing a boss spotted my design skills and got me designing greetings cards and brochures for the company I worked for. After my son was born I started freelancing in graphic design. I put myself through university to develop my own practice but in the process I gained a foundation degree in graphic design, a BA in visual art (illustration) and a masters degree in visual communications.

I love album artwork and have been known to buy a record purely on the sleeve artwork. I do get a bit excited by great record artwork and always try to find out who designed it and tell them how great it is!

Some random facts about me to get to know me better

  1. As well as being an artist I’m also a runner and in 2012 I beat Usain Bolt over the Olympic finish line by a good 3 months!
  2. I spend more money than I care to imagine on records (proper vinyl records…I have a massive collection!) and gig tickets
  3. I love a Party Ring (or several) because everyone knows “everyday’s a party with Party Rings”!
  4. I played the cello as a child and really wish I still played it
  5. My love of design started at art college in the 90s when computers weren’t a thing so to design posters we’d have to trace the fonts from a huge font book and make sure we got all the spacing correct manually. I still love “hands on” design to this day
    6. I’m also the regional manager for Musicians Against Homelessness on the Isle of Wight. We raise funds for homeless charities by putting on music events in our local areas

 My values so you know who you’re dealing with!

  1. BEING UNIQUE – My work and my style are totally unique. I don’t just follow trends and what’s hot so each project is completely unique and bespoke to my clients and their needs
  2. BEING CURIOUS – I love to ask questions! I ask lots of questions to get to know my clients, their business and the project. Why do they do what they do? Why did they start? Where did the name come from? What is the song/play/book about? Who is their end user?
  3. COMPASSION – My clients don’t have to share my personal principles but I will only work with clients who don’t go against them – so I don’t work with clients in the meat/dairy industry or anyone involved with animal testing, hunting or dog/horse racing etc. Sorry if that offends!
  4. AUTHENTIC – I’m a jeans, t-shirt, trainers kind of girl – usually black too – this is me and the me my clients will always get, no pretending to be a smart dresser or someone I’m not here!
  5. HONESTY – I will always be totally honest about the length of a project, the budget, whether something works or not and whether I feel the project is a good fit for me right from the start and throughout the project.
  6. EQUALITY – Everyone is equal in my eyes so whoever you are you’re more than welcome to work with me if the project fits.
  7. CREATIVITY – I am an avid image collector – photos, textures, colourways, prints, so when I’m working with my clients I always have a vast bank of inspiration to pull on to the deliver the very best results.
  8. PLAYFUL – Creative play is so important. As well as image collecting I am always playing and experimenting on personal projects too. You never know when what you’ve just discovered through play will be the perfect match for a client.
  9. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – I am constantly improving myself, my business and my practice so my clients will always have the best me.
    10 . MUSIC – Quite simply it is everything to me! Listening to it, buying it, going to see it live, the artwork, everything. So if you have a project that is music based I’m your gal!

 and to really get to know me, here’s the soundtrack of my life…enjoy!